About ArteyMoney

Who we are:

A trading exchange? A social network for cryptocurrency traders and enthusiast? We are all of this and more.

We are a dedicated to bringing new and experience crypto traders, enthusiast, “gurus” etc together in one place so they can learn from each other, the experience can have a platform to communicate to their followers without character limits like twitter.

There are many exchanges out there to trade from and there are different coins that can be trade on different exchanges, so do not trade certain coins, this means you have to open an account with each of these exchanges and remember each of the usernames and passwords so you can be able to trade on the exchange.Before you trade a coin you have to log into each of those exchanges and then trade, this takes time and with the way price fluctuate so quickly in cryptocurrency at this time you could lose your money before you even log in to trade. Wit our platform all you need are couple of things one of which is the exchange API key. With this you can trade on that exchange from our platform. In short with just our platform you can trade on multiple exchanges.

Track you trade progress on our platform. See all the trades you have made and track it in a graph format. See your mentor or “guru” proof of trades and their $ amount so you can decide if they are what they say they are. If you are a true “guru” and have placed your trades to be visible to followers or anyone, use this as a base to have people follow you and market to them.

What we intend to accomplish:

  • To one day be a driving force of all things crypto. A one stop shop for all things
  • View cryptocurrencies market data, Prices, Charts, top gains and loss
  • Connect with like minded traders and enthusiast on our social network platform
  • Have followers, create and upload videos for them to see.
  • Keep updated with events via notifications.

Why choose us:

  • Security: We strive to keep your information secure, We do not store any of your funds.
  • Post Video without limit- share videos to followers
  • Create group specific membership.
  • Text is not limited to specific number of characters:
  • Track you trade progress in charts

If you have questions contact us at: contactarteymoney@gmail.com We will reply to you as quickly as possible.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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